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Ice Rink Update


http://savesanmateorink.wix.com/savebridgepointeThe news of the upcoming April closure of the Belmont Ice Rink was both stunning and devastating to locals, according to media reports in mid-January. Serving as many as 10,000 people each month, this loss only magnifies the on-going battle regarding San Mateo’s Bridgepoint Ice Rink. On January 23rd, representatives of the Save the Bridgepointe Ice Rink movement met with a group representing the Belmont Ice Rink, exploring how the groups can coordinate their efforts to save San Mateo’s recreational asset that still exists – even in its closed state.

The San Mateo City Council will decide on March 21st (at 7 p.m.) whether to accept or reject the recommendation by our Planning Commissioners to deny the developer’s request to change the designated use of the ice rink property. A change of designation would allow the developer to go forward with retail renovation or sale of the space at a good profit, since recreational use restrictions would no longer exist. See http://savesanmateorink.wix.com/savebridgepointe for more information.

Ice Rink Update

icerinkOn December 8 the Planning Commission held a meeting at which the future of the Bridgepointe Ice Rink was discussed. Four BHNA Board members attended, and public attendance was huge. The large number of speakers left no doubt that the ice rink has significant community support. Members of the Planning Commission asked pointed, thoughtful questions. In the end, the Commission voted 5 to 0 to keep the zoning designation of the Bridgepointe Ice Rink and to reject the plan proposed by the developer, SPI Holdings, under which SPI would pay a $3 million recreation fee in exchange for abandoning the ice rink and constructing a retail facility in its place. However, the final decision will be with the City Council, which will consider the matter on Monday, March 4, 2016 at 7:00 PM. You can find more information at http://savesanmateorink.wix.com/savebridgepointe.