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CalTrain High-Speed Rail Program discussion w/Local Policy Maker Group

To all stakeholders,

Thank you for your past participation in the planning and environmental clearance process for the San Francisco to San Jose Project Section of the California High-Speed Rail program. Going forward, we will be working with our partners at Caltrain to not only keep you informed about the project, but to make sure you are also included in the process.

Beginning this month, the California High-Speed Rail Authority will alternate hosting the Local Policy Maker Group (LPMG) with Caltrain on a monthly basis. The first LPMG meeting devoted to High-Speed Rail will be held this Thursday and we encourage public participation. Please see the meeting details below:

Date:                   Thursday, January 28, 2016
Time:                   6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Location:            Caltrain Offices
                                 1250 San Carlos Avenue, 2nd Floor Auditorium
                                  San Carlos, CA 94070

The meeting packet is attached for your information. You can also view the agenda packet for the meeting here:

Senior Authority staff will introduce themselves and you will have the opportunity to meet the people who will be working directly on the project along the Caltrain corridor. During the meeting we will outline the upcoming environmental process and schedule, project description, and outreach plan. Staff will also be available to respond to questions from both policymakers and the public.

We look forward to meeting with you on Thursday. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me directly or Morgan Galli, Northern California Outreach Manager. She can be reached at gallima@pbworld.com or (415) 243-4641.

Thank you,

Ben Tripousis
Northern Regional Director
California High Speed Rail Authority
100 Paseo de San Antonio, #206
San Jose, CA 95113

CalTrain High-Speed Rail Moving Forward (Encourage Public Participation)


READ -> The High-Speed Rail Program Overview

As CalTain continues to make progress in making the High-Speed rail a reality, San Mateo residents are encouraged to participate in the Monthly meetings which will help provide input to the Local Policy Makers.  Neighbors should be aware of ALL the longer term impacts the decisions of today:

Impacts include but not limited to:

  • Traffic Flows and Patterns – by creating roadway underpasses on 25th, 28th and 31st
  • Pedestrian Access Impacted by Grade Crossing Treatments such as Fences and Quad Gates
  • New Station Elements
  • Safety Improvements
  • Track Adjustments
  • Passing Track(s)

The vision will be set with or without community input – given the potential impacts both good and bad this is a topic I would encourage your input and participation.  Please see the first of CalTrains First Monthly Meeting and sign up on the CalTrain site for further information and updates


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November 2015 – General Meeting Recap

At our November General Meeting we learned about progress in the electrification of Caltrain and about the revised plans for the north block of Hillsdale Mall.

Casey Fromson, Caltrain’s Government Affairs Officer, reported that 62,000 riders, including 6,000 bike riders, use Caltrain daily, with 60% commuting northbound and 40% travelling south. Usage
has increased significantly since 2010, and Caltrain has purchased additional cars, which will help alleviate some of the over-crowding. Federal regulations require that improvements to prevent human error and enhance safety through a smarter gate system be completed in 2016, and Caltrain is on track. 2020 is the deadline for going live with new electric trains, which will attain 79 mph, allow six trains/hour per direction, and start and stop faster than the current diesel trains, permitting more stops as well as more trains.

Bob Webster, President of Bohannon Properties, provided an update on the Hillsdale Mall Project, which was first considered more than nine years ago. Two major goals for the current Hillsdale Mall plan are sustainable design and the creation of a community that cannot be found on the internet. Consequently, a major focus will be entertainment and food. There will be a Luxury Cinema, a bocce ball/bowling alley venue, and a fitness club. Plans also include four or five full service sit-down restaurants and a central plaza with outdoor dining and a fountain.
The traffic situation will be improved by a roundabout instead of the five-way stop that is now at 31st and Edison. 31st Avenue will be narrowed into one lane each way, and the sidewalks will be widened. Green features will include a grey water system, solar system, LED lighting, high efficiency HVAC, and electric vehicle charging stations.