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Peninsula Clean Energy – an Alternative Source of Electricity Peninsula Clean Energy is a Community Choice Energy (CCE) program that will provide electricity to all participating cities in San Mateo County, as well as the unincorporated areas. A CCE buys and/or develops power on behalf of residents, business, and government electricity users in its jurisdiction. In San Mateo, the electricity will continue to be distributed and delivered over the existing electricity lines by PG&E.

CCEs allow customers to choose between electricity providers and power options, each with a different amount of renewable energy content, at a competitive or even lower rates than those they pay now. CCEs in the Bay Area are run as non-profit organizations; they are accountable not to shareholders seeking profit but to the communities they serve. CCEs also can accelerate the development of local renewable energy projects and facilitate other energy innovations such as energy efficiency retrofits, home area networks, battery storage and EV charging stations. Go to for the whole story.


Ice Rink Update

UPDATE news of the upcoming April closure of the Belmont Ice Rink was both stunning and devastating to locals, according to media reports in mid-January. Serving as many as 10,000 people each month, this loss only magnifies the on-going battle regarding San Mateo’s Bridgepoint Ice Rink. On January 23rd, representatives of the Save the Bridgepointe Ice Rink movement met with a group representing the Belmont Ice Rink, exploring how the groups can coordinate their efforts to save San Mateo’s recreational asset that still exists – even in its closed state.

The San Mateo City Council will decide on March 21st (at 7 p.m.) whether to accept or reject the recommendation by our Planning Commissioners to deny the developer’s request to change the designated use of the ice rink property. A change of designation would allow the developer to go forward with retail renovation or sale of the space at a good profit, since recreational use restrictions would no longer exist. See for more information.

Follow Up Thoughts on January General Meeting

Mayor Joe set to Navigate the coming term

… A Big BHNA Thank You to Mayor Joe Goethals for speaking at our January General Meeting!

The BHNA hosted new Mayor Joe Goethals at the January General Meeting. In his presentation Mayor Goethals touched on many of the issues that will challenge us this year, including flood zone concerns, traffic and housing issues, use of Measure S funds, a $900 million investment in our wastewater treatment plant, and the importance of recreation in our city.

waste water treatmentMany of these topics generate more questions in the minds of residents. In regard to the wastewater treatment plant upgrades, how will we come up with the remaining $300 million to pair with the state’s investment of $600 million? And is the 13 million gallons daily figure (to be recycled) actually attainable?

Mayor Goethals named about a half dozen agencies related to traffic. But how well are those agencies communicating and working together? The answer to that question will very well determine much of our city’s future. Traffic forums currently being held in our community offer residents a voice to say what their local woes are and how they wish to solve them. Goethals pointed out that people have many ideas about specific mitigations they would like to see. However, some ideas may not be approved by Public Works – such as speed bumps or islands, which won’t be placed on streets designated as a ‘main use’ for emergency vehicles. Don’t miss the opportunity to contribute your thoughts at your local forum.

Goethals had many positive reflections on renewable energy, traffic calming via grade separations at 25th, 28th and 31st Avenues respectively, train electrification, our low unemployment rate and increasing job growth. The Mayor took note of additional audience concerns, including the cost of CalTrain and whether neighboring cities communicate regarding their development plans. We hope to learn more about many of these follow-up questions as the year progresses.

Group - City of SM 2016_475x355


Neighborhood Watch Program – Topic at February General Meeting

SMPD will be speaking to BHNA at Feb General Meeting

In our February General Meeting we will welcome a representative of the San Mateo Police Department who will update us on recent developments and answer your questions.   With the recent rash of bold home burglaries where people were at home we wanted to have SMPD discuss their efforts and provide guidance on how to keep same and what to watch out for.  We look forward to learning more in our informative section of our meeting

Crime Resources:

Crime Watch ProgramNeighborhood Watch Block Captains are kept constantly updated on crime trends and safety information through Community Alerts, and are responsible for insuring their neighbors are receiving the information as well.

Block captains also organize neighborhood meetings or discussions to talk about neighborhood safety issues.

Get familiar with your neighbors and help keep your block safe as a team!

BHNA Contact for Neighborhood Watch ProgramLt. Art Sanchez – Neighborhood Watch Contact

The Neighborhood Watch program is total resident participation and involvement in a police community cooperative battle against burglaries or other neighborhood crimes. Its primary purpose is personal and property protection for you and your neighbors.

As an extension of the eyes and ears for your police department, your involvement will directly affect the crime rate in your neighborhood.

Board of Directors made up of concerned residents oversees the program with support from the Neighborhood Policing Unit.

SMPD’s Patrol Lieutenants are assigned Policing Areas within the City, and are points-of-contact for neighborhood issues.

SMPD Block Captain Introduction Letter

If you have any questions about Neighborhood Watch in San Mateo please contact our Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Officer John Rink Sr. at or 650-522-7744.

SMPD’s Patrol Lieutenants are assigned Policing Areas within the City, and are points-of-contact for neighborhood issues. View Policing Areas Map

Interactive Crime Map

Affordable Housing Concerns – Topic at February General Meeting

Affordable Housing Discussions

Joshua Hugg
Joshua Hugg

We all know that it has become very expensive to rent or buy a house in San Mateo. Long-time renters find they no longer can afford to live here; non-profit organizations, schools and many other employers have trouble filling vacancies because of the high cost of housing; commuting times and distances are getting longer. Housing all the people that are attracted to our county by the booming economy is a formidable challenge. — Joshua Hugg – LinkedIn Profile

At our February General meeting Joshua Hugg will discuss the local, regional and statewide forces that have made San Mateo County such an expensive place to live. Joshua has been involved in local housing issues for more than a decade, advocating for affordable housing through the Housing Leadership Council and as a member of several San Mateo City Commissions. He presently serves on the San Mateo Sustainability Commission and on the boards of the Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center and the Home Association of North Central San Mateo.

Place this on your Calendar 

Development Details for rail corridor – City Council Special Meeting, Jan. 27th

 Notes from City Council Special Meeting, Jan. 27th:

By Lisa Taner

92 exchange

Development details for projects along the rail corridor, downtown and El Camino were recapped, noting square footage and units (retail/residential).  All this information can be found at:

430 units of these projects are noted as below market, with  every 3rd unit going to school district or city employees. Workforce Housing Taskforce in process and will report findings/suggestions to council for more housing.  It was noted that Workforce Housing reduces road traffic and increases staff retention.hillsdale_with_highspeed

Two Redevelopment properties were discussed.  Site of old Kinko’s at Claremont and 4th Avenue, and the Worker Resource Center.  Urban Land Institute to survey properties and make suggestions (likely housing/workforce housing). 

Grade separations discussed.  Audience asked if developers were supposed to pay for them at one time.  City never intended to fully fund those projects.  Our share is $12 million and remainder would come from a number of sources, but not Measure S funds.  Early 2017 will start the clearance processes, then going forward in 2017 as a 2 year process for completion, assuming the  funds requested from a number of agencies are

secured.  (Hillsdale train station will be moved just north of its current location.)

Hwy. 92 and El Camino Interchange Improvement Project (see photo): Focus Study was done in 2010, with Design Phase to be completed in March of this year.  There will be on and off-ramp improvements, including reconfiguring the existing interchange from a full cloverleaf to a partial cloverleaf. Sound walls will be installed, sidewalks widened, signals placed at ramp intersections.   Construction hoped to start in July of this year and end in 2017.   For more project details, go to

(Second half of this meeting was dedicated to Community College District issues.)

County offers new way to report aircraft noise concerns




If you have lived in San Mateo for any period of time, you may have noticed loud noises from the airplanes that hover over our community. With the new automated routing procedures, increase in volume, airport expansion and lack of proactive noise restrictions it will get worse before it gets better.  This issue has recently become so bad that many are calling for the FAA to address, recently Congresswomen Eshoo is leading the charge and encourages residents to submit complaints read more.

We are seeing increased pressure from residents of Palo Alto and Portola Valley who are being impacted by this increase of low flying traffic and unchecked noise proliferation.  So were is San Mateo in this – there is a SFO Noise Roundtable that meets each month to discuss the issues – our representative is David Lim who represents our city.

While SFO noise is getting worse so to is San Carlos and Half Moon bay light aircraft noise has continues to increase, to address this issue San Mateo has announced a new site for neighbors to report Light Aircraft noise through a newly contracted site

Residents who have an issue with aircraft noise are encouraged to learn more:


The Airport Commission is interested in hearing from you if aircraft noise is a concern. Your comments regarding the SFO Noise 

  • (1) e-mail through the project website; or
  • (2) mailing them to: Attn: Bert Ganoung, Manager Attn: Audrey Park, Senior Environmental Planner Aircraft Noise Abatement Office Bureau of Planning and Environmental Affairs San Francisco International Airport San Francisco International Airport P.O. Box 8097 P.O. Box 8097 San Francisco, CA 94128 San Francisco, CA 94128

From The Daily Journal

“To better capture critical data about aircraft noise concerns around the San Carlos and Half Moon Bay airports and simplify the reporting process for residents, San Mateo County is introducing its newly launched noise complaint reporting system.

The PlaneNoise Aircraft Noise Complaint Management System is designed to make reporting easier for callers and provide more timely and accurate information to the airports, county management and Board of Supervisors about the number and location of complaints from the communities surrounding each airport.

With PlaneNoise, individuals can submit complaints by calling the phone hotline at (844) 266-6266 or online at the San Mateo County Airports Division website (click “File a Noise Complaint). Go to to learn more about PlaneNoise.”

San Mateo – Sea Rise Facebook Page

Release from San Mateo Social Media Coordinator


Social Media Coordinator Christa Bigue from County of San Mateo

Sea Change SMC, an initiative to provide resources to local governments and agencies within San Mateo County on the issue of sea level rise, is on Facebook!

Join the Sea Change SMC Facebook group to learn more about sea level rise, stay up to date on current sea level rise efforts, and participate in the ongoing dialogue:

SeaChange SMC is a collaboration between the County of San Mateo’s Office of Sustainability and the offices of Supervisors Dave Pine and Don Horsley.

CalTrain High-Speed Rail Moving Forward (Encourage Public Participation)


READ -> The High-Speed Rail Program Overview

As CalTain continues to make progress in making the High-Speed rail a reality, San Mateo residents are encouraged to participate in the Monthly meetings which will help provide input to the Local Policy Makers.  Neighbors should be aware of ALL the longer term impacts the decisions of today:

Impacts include but not limited to:

  • Traffic Flows and Patterns – by creating roadway underpasses on 25th, 28th and 31st
  • Pedestrian Access Impacted by Grade Crossing Treatments such as Fences and Quad Gates
  • New Station Elements
  • Safety Improvements
  • Track Adjustments
  • Passing Track(s)

The vision will be set with or without community input – given the potential impacts both good and bad this is a topic I would encourage your input and participation.  Please see the first of CalTrains First Monthly Meeting and sign up on the CalTrain site for further information and updates


Connect and Follow CalTrain

California High-Speed Rail Authority Facebook Page California High-Speed Rail Twitter Page California High-Speed Rail Authority Instagram Page California High-Speed Rail Youtube Page California High-Speed Rail Flickr Page California High-Speed Rail LinkedIn Page California High-Speed Rail Contact Us Page

Stadium Lights






The topic of stadium lights is one of great community interest. To be sure you have the most current information on how to engage in this community discussion, the District team has created this page where you will find meeting invites, presentations, and other important relevant information for this public discussion.

** For More click -> Official Link

Upcoming Board Meetings on January 14, 2016  The Board of Trustees is anticipated to vote on a final policy at its January 14th Board of Trustee meeting. The meeting starts at 7pm, with the stadium lights topic estimated to start at 8pm. Please see the community flyer/invitation. You can also access the latest version of  the administrative regulation and board policy by clicking here.