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What’s Happening on 30th Avenue?

With the new north-end Hillsdale Mall development, residents living on and around 30th Avenue expressed concern over impacts where that street meets the mall property. They went so far as to submit a petition to the City Council asking that this end of 30th be closed to through traffic.


BHNA contacted mall reps and were supplied with a “Condition of Approval” for the project addressing this item.

Here is how it reads:

“The 30th Avenue driveway shall be closed to vehicular traffic at 6 pm each business day and shall be opened at the start of business hours the following day…Six months after occupancy of 90% of the project’s square footage, a traffic report detailing 30th Avenues traffic counts and resultant traffic impacts shall be prepared by the City’s traffic consultant. This study may be initiated earlier if traffic conditions so warrant…This report shall be published and made public. Notices of the report’s availability shall be mailed to those within the same mailing radius as the shopping center application, and to all interested parties. A City Council Member, within 10 days of the publication of the report, may call for review of the report at a City Council public hearing. Based on the report’s findings and the City Council’s review, additional traffic control measures may be taken, including, but not limited to closure of the 30th Avenue driveway.”


April 18th is a V.I.D! Very Important Date!

After numerous date changes by our city, the Bridgepointe Rink Citizens Group urges area residents to join them in attending the April 18th San Mateo City Council meeting, to show your support for the Council to vote against the land use change put forth by the real estate development firm which owns the property (and seeks to replace the rink with retail). The building owner closed the rink June 1, 2013, leaving hundreds of young athletes out in the cold.

saving bridge pointe ice rink
save bridge pointe

This Council decision is to come on the heels of Belmont Iceland’s announcement that it will close its doors, leaving Bridgepointe as one of the last rinks on the peninsula. The San Mateo Planning Commission already voted unanimously 5-0 to deny the developer’s request, and now it’s up to the City Council. Community activists are calling for local politicians to uphold the community benefit of an operating ice rink where Olympians Kristi Yamaguchi, Brian Boitano and Debi Thomas once trained.

Plan to attend:

San Mateo City Hall, 330 W. 20th Street, San Mateo, CA on Monday, April 18th at 7:00 P.M.


Recap of March General Meeting

greywaterWe had two speakers discuss water topics at our March General meeting. City Manager Larry Patterson gave us details about San Mateo’s $1 billion investment in our waste water treatment plant. Our wastewater overflows are problematic, and many drainage pipes need to be fixed. The timeline for this upgrade was going to be 20 – 30 years, but it is less costly if we do it in 10 years. This will require a sewer tax increase of 9% each year to help fund. A Master Plan will soon be on the City’s website.

Our second speaker was certified greywater expert and Bay Maples Wild California Gardens owner, Alan Hackler.   He discussed and showed the ease of installing a ‘laundry-to-landscape’ greywater system, which doesn’t require a permit. (Biocompatible detergents should then be used in your washing machine.) However, going further with shower/tub greywater systems require permits and are more expensive and complex. Alan stressed that requiring greywater systems in new development would be a huge benefit, both in reducing the cost and in water-savings. Building on the 9% annual sewer tax increase discussed earlier in the evening, Alan mentioned that perhaps residents who implement a greywater system could seek a reduced tax, or be incentivized with a reduced tax. Regardless of our recent rains, water consumption is still a priority concern, and lawns are huge water-suckers. Reduce your demand, get rid of your lawn, and consider a simple laundry-to-landscape greywater system.


NOTE: Larry Patterson also discussed a number of non-water topics, including plans to hire more traffic police officers, fixing our 17 miles of failed streets, putting together a committee to oversee spending of Measure S funds (contact him at if you are interested), and the fact that funding our retirement system is still the City’s greatest challenge.

Peninsula Clean Energy – an Alternative Source of Electricity Peninsula Clean Energy is a Community Choice Energy (CCE) program that will provide electricity to all participating cities in San Mateo County, as well as the unincorporated areas. A CCE buys and/or develops power on behalf of residents, business, and government electricity users in its jurisdiction. In San Mateo, the electricity will continue to be distributed and delivered over the existing electricity lines by PG&E.

CCEs allow customers to choose between electricity providers and power options, each with a different amount of renewable energy content, at a competitive or even lower rates than those they pay now. CCEs in the Bay Area are run as non-profit organizations; they are accountable not to shareholders seeking profit but to the communities they serve. CCEs also can accelerate the development of local renewable energy projects and facilitate other energy innovations such as energy efficiency retrofits, home area networks, battery storage and EV charging stations. Go to for the whole story.


County offers new way to report aircraft noise concerns




If you have lived in San Mateo for any period of time, you may have noticed loud noises from the airplanes that hover over our community. With the new automated routing procedures, increase in volume, airport expansion and lack of proactive noise restrictions it will get worse before it gets better.  This issue has recently become so bad that many are calling for the FAA to address, recently Congresswomen Eshoo is leading the charge and encourages residents to submit complaints read more.

We are seeing increased pressure from residents of Palo Alto and Portola Valley who are being impacted by this increase of low flying traffic and unchecked noise proliferation.  So were is San Mateo in this – there is a SFO Noise Roundtable that meets each month to discuss the issues – our representative is David Lim who represents our city.

While SFO noise is getting worse so to is San Carlos and Half Moon bay light aircraft noise has continues to increase, to address this issue San Mateo has announced a new site for neighbors to report Light Aircraft noise through a newly contracted site

Residents who have an issue with aircraft noise are encouraged to learn more:


The Airport Commission is interested in hearing from you if aircraft noise is a concern. Your comments regarding the SFO Noise 

  • (1) e-mail through the project website; or
  • (2) mailing them to: Attn: Bert Ganoung, Manager Attn: Audrey Park, Senior Environmental Planner Aircraft Noise Abatement Office Bureau of Planning and Environmental Affairs San Francisco International Airport San Francisco International Airport P.O. Box 8097 P.O. Box 8097 San Francisco, CA 94128 San Francisco, CA 94128

From The Daily Journal

“To better capture critical data about aircraft noise concerns around the San Carlos and Half Moon Bay airports and simplify the reporting process for residents, San Mateo County is introducing its newly launched noise complaint reporting system.

The PlaneNoise Aircraft Noise Complaint Management System is designed to make reporting easier for callers and provide more timely and accurate information to the airports, county management and Board of Supervisors about the number and location of complaints from the communities surrounding each airport.

With PlaneNoise, individuals can submit complaints by calling the phone hotline at (844) 266-6266 or online at the San Mateo County Airports Division website (click “File a Noise Complaint). Go to to learn more about PlaneNoise.”

San Mateo – Sea Rise Facebook Page

Release from San Mateo Social Media Coordinator


Social Media Coordinator Christa Bigue from County of San Mateo

Sea Change SMC, an initiative to provide resources to local governments and agencies within San Mateo County on the issue of sea level rise, is on Facebook!

Join the Sea Change SMC Facebook group to learn more about sea level rise, stay up to date on current sea level rise efforts, and participate in the ongoing dialogue:

SeaChange SMC is a collaboration between the County of San Mateo’s Office of Sustainability and the offices of Supervisors Dave Pine and Don Horsley.

Celebrate the Super Bowl with Wounded Warrior Game at CSM

woundedwarriorOn Saturday, February 6th, noon to 3:00 PM, College of San Mateo will open College Heights Stadium to the
undefeated Wounded Warrior Amputee Football Team (WWAFT) in a moving match against San Francisco’s NFL Alumni.

The WWAFT is made up of men and women who lost a limb while serving in Iraq or Afghanistan. Its first game against the NFL Alumni was played prior to Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis. This year’s game in San Mateo will be their fifth appearance during activities leading up to the Super Bowl. Learn more and buy tickets ($10.00) at