The BOARD may take a position to be publicly announced on time sensitive matters concerning, affecting, or being considered by the State of California, the City of San Mateo, the County of San Mateo, or any other governmental entity, or to urge any of said bodies to take a position or action in the public interest. Said BOARD position shall be posted on the ASSOCIATION website, announced in the next newsletter, and announced at the next regular ASSOCIATION meeting. At that meeting, any member may request discussion of that position. If a member requests a vote, said position shall become the position of the ASSOCIATION only after a two-thirds (2/3) favorable vote of the regular members present at that regularly called meeting. If the vote disapproves the BOARD position, that position shall be rescinded and shall not be the position of the ASSOCIATION. If no vote is requested, the BOARD position shall become the position of the ASSOCIATION. Once such a public policy position is adopted, any director or officer opposing the adopted position shall be expected to abide by this position by remaining publicly silent on the matter in question. Where such a director or officer feels that he/she must publicly announce opposition, said intention shall be communicated to those present at the meeting wherein said public policy position is adopted. When the officer or director publicly announces such opposing view, he/shall affirmatively state that he/she is acting on his/her own and shall in no way associate himself with the ASSOCIATION while doing so. It shall be understood that this ASSOCIATION has no desire, either overt or covert, to restrict in any way the rights of its individual members, officers or directors.