Mission and Goals


The Beresford Hillsdale Neighborhood Association (BHNA) is a voice for residents and merchants to preserve and advance City character and quality of life through collaboration, volunteerism, and involvement in City government.

Mission Statement of BHNA

  • To Enhance the quality of our neighborhood
  • Encourage Communication, Cooperation and Friendliness among the residents
  • Maintain and increase spirit of awareness, security and beauty in our community
  • Express the interest and opinions of all to our local government

Sunlight, air, safety, traffic, adherence to building codes, design, the well-being of our children, our senior citizens, our families, our office and retail workers and business owners -these topics form the main considerations of the Beresford Hillsdale Neighborhood Association (BHNA). We do this for you. And for ourselves. Like you, we want this City of San Mateo to remain the safe, clean and friendly place as it is now. If we all do our part by participating in neighborhood discussions, we can help bring about better quality development projects and an enhanced lifestyle in and around San Mateo.

2016 Goals

“The following 2016 Goals for BHNA are currently under review and will need to be formally adopted by the newly installed board” As always we welcome feedback Email to the Board



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