NOVEMBER NEWSLETTER 2017 – See You November 21st!

REMEMBER TO VOTE NOVEMBER 7TH, & SEE YOU NOVEMBER 21ST! 7:30 pm @ the Beresford Recreation Center for 3 Speakers: Fire Prevention/Safety, Hillsdale Mall Update & City Updates – What’s Happening That Impacts Our Area

Mall construction, the Hillsdale Terraces project, grade separation work – Whew! There is a LOT happening in our neighborhood – and even more in the rest of the city. Come get some updates and bring any questions you have.

Additionally, with the recent tragic fires, it’s a good time to review what we can do to make our homes safe. The fire department will be on-hand to share with us some important prevention strategies.


This race is extremely important because those elected will likely be representing us for 5 years, rather than the regular 4 year term.   You may be familiar with the candidates, but if not, take the time to view this link, which has forum videos in addition to candidate info:

The candidates are: Retired Akzo Nobel Sales Rep Mark De Paula, Educational Software Business Owner Eric Rodriguez, Attorney Joe Goethals, Printer Robert Newsom, Jr., City of Redwood City Employee Charlie Drechsler, Retired NoCal Carpenter’s Union Field Rep Rick Bonilla, and Attorney Chelsea Bonini.


In August, our school district’s Board of Trustees met to discuss the ‘spending imbalance’ which a district report suggests could grow as large as $9 million within the next two years. Be sure you cast your vote wisely for the San Mateo Foster City School Board candidates. We need some creative thinkers and folks who understand finance!!!

The candidates are: Thomas Morgan, Jacob Thiel, Shiraz Kanga, Shara Watkins, Noelia Corzo, Alexander Haislip and Rebecca Hitchcock.

For info on these candidates, visit:

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When does a cell tower go wherever it wants? Evidently, not today. Senate Bill 649, vetoed just last month, proposed to ‘scale back the permitting process for antennas and other equipment in an effort to meet demand for wireless services.’ In other words, it was intended to make it much easier to install cell towers, removing control from cities and counties. This raised concerns about the risk to public health from cell towers being placed in locations without adequate public/city input. And it likely won’t be long before the next bill comes down the pike, spurred by increased demand to access video, audio and other data wirelessly (via a smart phone, tablet or desktop and laptop computer).

San Mateo is jumping into action to take advantage of this period by creating its own law regarding the installation of cellular towers in neighborhoods. The city has begun the process of gathering input from residents regarding the future law, regulating the neighborhood approval process and the installation, maintenance and removal of cellular towers in our neighborhoods.

During the October 11th Public Works Commission meeting, the Public Works Department presented a proposed law regulating cellular or small cell networks in neighborhoods. There was a split vote on the Public Works Commission, so the Public Works Department will re-present the proposed law, which requires approval before going on to the City Council. If the new proposal is ready, it may be presented during the Commission’s upcoming November 8th meeting.

All Commission meetings are open to the public and are held the second Wednesday of the month at 7pm in the City Council Chambers of City Hall.

How can YOU provide input to the Public Works department on the proposed law?

1) Attend the Public Works Commission meeting when the proposed neighborhood small cell networks is on the meeting’s agenda. The Commission will vote either to send or not send the proposed law to the City Council.

2) Attend the City Council meeting when the proposed law is on the meeting’s agenda. During this meeting, City Council will vote to make the proposed law the FINAL law.

3) Call or write to the City of San Mateo’s Public Works Department and ask to be added to an email distribution list regarding this matter. Contact Tracy Scramaglia, Senior Engineer of the Public Works department, at or 650-522- 7316.

Thanks to Public Works Commissioner Susan Rowinski for this information.


We’ll hear more about this subject at our upcoming Nov. 21st meeting. However, BHNA Vice-President Jeffrey Wang attended the September 13th grade separation meeting for 25th Avenue (28th & 31st avenues are also in line for this work). He shared the following details:

-Construction should begin in October, 2017.

-Much of the work will occur at nights and on weekends due to train


-There will be lane closures on 25 th Avenue but it will remain open for through traffic until late 2019.

-When the Hillsdale train station closes in late 2018, the Belmont station will effectively become Hillsdale until it reopens (at its new location on 28th in mid-2019).

-When 25th Avenue closes, in late 2019, it will close for approximately 2 months. (Don’t forget to continue to support 25th Avenue businesses!)

-Before 25 th Avenue closes, 28 th Avenue will open across the railroad tracks.

-Project completion expected in early part of 2020.