A word please…

As BHNA moves into 2017 this organization is faced with the reality that our pool of volunteers is drying up, this coupled with the challenge of retaining those currently serving, has left us we some difficult choices in reducing the general meetings and modifying our charter to accommodate this reduction of support and ultimately face the question of how do we keep BHNA viable going forward?  

I know that you by the fact you have taken the time to read this believe like I do that organizations like BHNA serve a critical role in keeping questionable government values and commercial predators in check.  It strikes me as very odd or just a sign of the times that when our organization resources are its lowest the need is at its highest.  This is the time when our community is at risk of being taken advantage by bad actors and is the reason that I am appealing to you to consider your level of participation.   

Over the coming months our neighborhood will be faced with a wide array of commercial entities pushing of higher density development, reduced parking, reduced impact assessments, un-checked eminent domain, raising of building heights, and re-routing of commuting traffic through traditionally quite residential streets to name just a few.  

Our governmental representatives base their decisions on what they hear – BHNA is seen as a primary leader and a voice of reason who takes the representation of our Neighbors seriously.  Without that important voice of BHNA many decisions will be passed without community representation and will adversely impact the future viability and livability of San Mateo.  

I know that each of us have busy lives and BHNA is competing for your time…  but realize that if do nothing than you have made a choice in the formation of this community.  

As the current President of BHNA, I know I speak for the current and past members of BHNA volunteers who have sacrificed their time and resources by saying that what we do is important and without the over 25 years of efforts, we would be looking at a completely different San Mateo!  

In closing, I would like to appeal to you as a fellow civic minded neighbor by requesting that you consider how you can make a difference and get involved with this important organization.  

In ten years from now when you look over San Mateo – what will look like (will it have your unique fingerprints upon it?) or will you like what you see or will you regret your lack of involvement?

Now is a pivotal time – don’t discount the impact you can have! We welcome all those willing to participate – this is your association and is waiting for you to define what is will be in the future… please feel free to reach out to me or any of the other board members to discuss how you might get involved. 

Your neighbor, 

Robert Sellers