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What’s Happening on 30th Avenue?

With the new north-end Hillsdale Mall development, residents living on and around 30th Avenue expressed concern over impacts where that street meets the mall property. They went so far as to submit a petition to the City Council asking that this end of 30th be closed to through traffic.


BHNA contacted mall reps and were supplied with a “Condition of Approval” for the project addressing this item.

Here is how it reads:

“The 30th Avenue driveway shall be closed to vehicular traffic at 6 pm each business day and shall be opened at the start of business hours the following day…Six months after occupancy of 90% of the project’s square footage, a traffic report detailing 30th Avenues traffic counts and resultant traffic impacts shall be prepared by the City’s traffic consultant. This study may be initiated earlier if traffic conditions so warrant…This report shall be published and made public. Notices of the report’s availability shall be mailed to those within the same mailing radius as the shopping center application, and to all interested parties. A City Council Member, within 10 days of the publication of the report, may call for review of the report at a City Council public hearing. Based on the report’s findings and the City Council’s review, additional traffic control measures may be taken, including, but not limited to closure of the 30th Avenue driveway.”