Earth Day Presentation – April Meeting

earthdayBHNA Speaker Series

Tuesday, April 18, 2016

7:30 PM

-Earth Month-

Impacts to Your Garden and Our Planet


Beresford Recreation Center

(28th & Alameda)April General Meeting

Happy Earth Month! Let’s talk dirt and climate. Did you know soil is alive? Most of the life that lives in the soil is extremely beneficial and so tiny we can’t see them.   Learn what lives in the soil, why it’s so important, and how to grow and protect it.  The BHNA welcomes Theresa Lyngso from Lyngso Garden Materials to understand how simple changes to our gardens can make a huge impact. Also speaking is new Boardmember Belinda Chlouber, a trained Climate Reality Leader via Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project. Belinda traveled to France last year for the Paris Climate Conference, and will share her knowledge about Global Warming, including its impacts and solutions specific to our area. Belinda will also share some of her artwork dedicated to the subject.