Affordable Housing Concerns – Topic at February General Meeting

Affordable Housing Discussions

Joshua Hugg
Joshua Hugg

We all know that it has become very expensive to rent or buy a house in San Mateo. Long-time renters find they no longer can afford to live here; non-profit organizations, schools and many other employers have trouble filling vacancies because of the high cost of housing; commuting times and distances are getting longer. Housing all the people that are attracted to our county by the booming economy is a formidable challenge. — Joshua Hugg – LinkedIn Profile

At our February General meeting Joshua Hugg will discuss the local, regional and statewide forces that have made San Mateo County such an expensive place to live. Joshua has been involved in local housing issues for more than a decade, advocating for affordable housing through the Housing Leadership Council and as a member of several San Mateo City Commissions. He presently serves on the San Mateo Sustainability Commission and on the boards of the Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center and the Home Association of North Central San Mateo.

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