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Our UPCOMING general neighborhood meeting is at the Beresford Recreation Center on November on Nov. 21st  from 7:30pm to 9pm.  We will be getting updates regarding the many goings-on in our neighborhood and city.  Speaking first will be Larry Ivich from Hillsdale Mall.  Then, we will have a speaker from the fire department to talk about keeping your family & home safe during a fire disaster.  Finally, City Manager Larry Patterson will tell us of the many updates impacting our neighborhood and city. 
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 Meet your neighbors, have fun, and make positive impacts in our community by becoming a BHNA Board member for 2018.  This October/November we welcome those interested in joining us to move into the new year, and represent our region.  Email us today at  board@beresfordhillsdale.org.  

Welcome to BHNA  – Why being a member is critical to our quality of life…

As we all take a deep breath from our everyday doings, we look around and are beginning to understand why INVOLVEMENT is important.  Or, at the very least, knowledge.  Be informed about what goes on in San Mateo because it impacts you.
You could attend every single meeting the city or CalTrain holds…or you could just get updated by being a BHNA member!  We work to serve you, and bring you together with your neighbors to create a true community.  All for $12 annually.  Good deal!

The current meeting schedule of having a general meeting each month will be replaced with  Quarterly Meetings – Please note! The BHNA Board of 2017, in an effort to best and effectively serve, will be adjusting General Meeting dates for our members to: February, May, September and November.

New Quarterly Newsletters – In keeping with the new meeting months, newsletters will also become quarterly, with any additional important notifications being sent via email, noted on our website, or published in a special edition newsletter…

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