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WILL WE SEE YOU JULY 18TH? Get Ready, Get Set, for the Best Summer Celebration Yet!

7:30 p.m. at the Beresford Recreation Center is the place to be tonight for live music & dancing under the summer sky! Plus, family fun, including a root beer float station, kid’s outdoor play area, and more! Win some great prizes and get to know your neighbors!

FREE to Beresford Hillsdale Neighborhood Association members, or join at the door for just $12 for the year (per household).

Welcome to BHNA 2017 – Why being a member is critical to our quality of life…

As we all take a deep breath from the events of 2016 I am glad to living in this so called bubble and feel very grateful for being a resident of San Mateo.  It has been said that being vigilant is the cost of democracy and when we begin to take our quality of life for granted – we are the most venerable.  Recently the Presidential hubbub has many burnt out from the news and politics in general – as we try to take a breath from all political churn, it is more important than ever that we do not loose our focus on the local issues that can impact our to our homes and families more than federal level squabbles.
 As such, BHNA encourages each our our members to stay connected with your fellow neighbors and those who fight for quality of life issues in San Mateo each and every day.  Help us continue a 27 year tradition of keeping San Mateo great by supporting the Beresford Hillsdale Neighborhood Association by keeping your membership current or volunteer your time.
BHNA is your advocate – as the largest Neighborhood Association on the Peninsula we continue to fight for our neighbors and  remain focused on quality of life issues .  We continue to challenge our elected official and call fro accountability  – we seek to inform our members issues or conflicts of issues arise.  2017 promises to very active and it is critical that we continue to communicate the legal, legislate and commercial challenges as they arise.   Please keep BHNA viable by keeping your membership current and get involved any level of participation is a commitment to our quality of life and is greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
The 2017 BHNA Board

The current meeting schedule of having a general meeting each month will be replaced with  Quarterly Meetings – Please note! The BHNA Board of 2017, in an effort to best and effectively serve, will be adjusting General Meeting dates for our members to: February, May, September and November.  (NOTE: July 18th is our Summer Celebration – as noted in the Events section.  September  19th is our Candidates Night for City Council – at City Hall!)

New Quarterly Newsletters – In keeping with the new meeting months, newsletters will also become quarterly, with any additional important notifications being sent via email, noted on our website, or published in a special edition newsletter…

Current Newsletter

Are you looking to get involved but don’t like meetings?

Calling  ALL BLOGGERS – as BHNA transitions from a mostly newsletter organization to embracing the web we are seeking neighbors who are interested in being a guest Blogger or content contributor – if you are interested please e-mail President@beresfordhillsdale.org

Interested in taking on a community cause?  Contact us an let us know, BHNA is looking for community volunteers who would like to make a difference in the Beresford Hillsadale Neighborhood.  We are always looking for guest bloggers who would like to report on things and happenings in or around BHNA.  Contact Us

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Our UPCOMING general neighborhood meetings are July 18TH (at the beresford rec Center) & at City Hall on September 19TH from 7:30pm to 9pm. 


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