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San Mateo is changing.  Be informed about what goes on in San Mateo because it impacts you.  An easy way to do that is to join the BHNA for just $12 annually!  Your dues allow this neighborhood association to serve you, not only with news, but as a voice to city leaders.


SEPTEMBER 17th MEMBER MEETING – Commute on CalTrain OR Have School-Aged Kids? Want to Know What Happened to the  Height Limit Measure?

If you have school-aged children attending attending district schools (K-8), or are a CalTrain rider, you’ll want attend this meeting! Tuesday, September 17 at 7:30 p.m. Beresford Hillsdale Recreation Center The Hillsdale Cal Train station is set to close for 6 months, and also be permanently relocated. Find out all the details presented by CalTrain – ask questions and stay informed!

Parents! How would you spend $137 million* to improve our K-8 schools? Big responsibility, isn’t it? In November you will have the chance to vote to fill two open seats on the SMFC School District Board of Trustees. Detailed information regarding the three candidates for these very important positions will be provided at this meeting! (*Actual expenses for 2017-18)

Also, if you signed the petition last year to allow residents voters to have the chance to vote (for the third time) to limit new building heights to 5 stories, come learn about the most recent developments. A lot has been happening behind closed doors for the last year, and there is news to share!

Stick around after the meeting to meet and mix with the Board of the BHNA.  Share ideas, topics and learn how to help.  We strive to make the BHNA better!

We are pleased to host this meeting, along with other meetings throughout the year, to keep you up to date on important happenings in your neighborhoods. If you are not yet a member, you can become one at any time for just $12 for the year.

Have You Thought About the Difference YOU Could Make?

 Meet your neighbors, have fun, and make positive impacts in our community by becoming a BHNA Board member for 2019.  We currently have openings, so email us today at  board@beresfordhillsdale.org.  

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