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BHNA Member meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday, with meeting months announced via our newsletter or on Nextdoor.com through the year.  (We have at least four!)  Our meetings are always held at the Beresford Park Recreation Center from 7:30 – 9 p.m.  You are welcome to email us for news on upcoming meetings at board@beresfordhillsdale.org.




Big Changes for the San Mateo Event Center – Welcome County Supervisor Carol Groom and Event Center CEO Dana Stoehr.  What will the future hold for this property?  Hotels?  Commercial buildings?  Both?  Please join us at our Member meeting on January 21st to learn more.  While the Event Center has been a major contributor to drive tourism, business growth and hotel occupancy, the facility is now aging, with a lack of meeting rooms or hotels within walking distance to the property.  Find out what’s in the works for the future.

What is SMUHA & Why is it Important? – The BHNA pays annual membership dues to belong to the San Mateo United Homeowner’s Association (SMUHA).  Members familiar with our BHNA newsletter should know SMUHA is a great resource for some of our articles, but besides information sharing, this organization works to improve things for our residents and our city.  President Michael Nash will speak about how SMUHA works with neighborhood leaders, and the positive changes which have resulted from these collaborative efforts.

New Year’s Nosh –  Ring in the New Year at this month’s meeting with some tasty treats.  Come & bring a neighbor or meet a new neighbor as we celebrate 2020 during the latter portion of this month’s Member Meeting.

We are pleased to host this meeting, along with other meetings throughout the year, to keep you up to date on important happenings in your neighborhoods. If you are not yet a member, you can become one at any time for just $12 for the year.


IN THE NEWS: OUR NEWEST CITY COUNCIL MEMBER APPOINTMENT (Excerpted from our January Newsletter)  It was a tremendous surprise, even to the appointee herself, that Park & Recreation Commissioner Amourence Lee was chosen by Mayor Papan in a second round of Council voting to fill the very experienced shoes of departing Councilwoman Maureen Freschet.

Susan Lempert, former mayor of San Mateo and Daily Journal contributor, noted in her November 18th article that one of the top contenders, Ellen Mallory, was overlooked.  Mallory is a planning commissioner, former Public Works member, and former board member of the San Mateo-Foster City Elementary School District Board of Trustees.  Lempert further noted that Lee “brought along a large contingent of vocal supporters,” and, “Also in the audience and speaking on her behalf were local union leaders.”  Lempert’s article went on to read, “The overall pitch was reminiscent of what we hear on the national scene in the Democratic party. Experience is fine but what we need is diversity. We need more young progressives, especially minority members.”

Mallory did not bring a crowd to support her but…60 resident names were presented that evening in support of Mallory to underscore the countless emails to Papan in the preceding weeks voicing the same support.  Lempert repeated the turn of events – that the first vote was a tie (Papan and Rodriguez for Mallory; Goethals and Bonilla for Lee). Mayor Papan then declared a five-minute recess. When she returned, she wrote down her vote, which was read aloud by the city clerk.  Lempert wrote, “Papan had changed her vote to Lee. She ended the meeting without any explanation for her vote.”

Amourence Lee says she is committed to building connections and engaging the entire community to find the best solutions.  She will have a lot to learn, politically and otherwise, representing a city the size of San Mateo.  Lee’s appointment is for one year and then she will have to run again in 2020 if she wishes to try to regain the seat.  If so, it’s certain she will face another contender, Lisa Diaz Nash, who has already made a name for herself in the community.

With so much happening in our city, perhaps the most important of Lempert’s thoughts were these, “…the balance of power on the council has shifted…Goethals has teamed up with Bonilla, and with Lee on their side their more progressive views are sure to prevail. As the city heads toward another height initiative and more big development in the works, the new majority will have a major influence on what happens.”

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