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San Mateo is changing.  Be informed about what goes on in San Mateo because it impacts you.  Become a BHNA Member today for just $12 for the year!  Your dues allow this neighborhood association to serve you, not only with news, but as a voice to city leaders.


THE BHNA MEMBERSHIP VOTED TO ENDORSE MEASURE Y!  Members were informed about Measure Y and its opposition measure, the developers’ Measure R, and were given two voting options to let the Board know if they wished to endorse Measure Y.  In August, our mail-in proxy vote began, and at our September Zoom meeting, members were able to participate in our on-line poll.

The results are in and our membership voted overwhelmingly to endorse the residents’ grassroots measure, Measure Y!  While developers have put more than $1 million into their campaign, our members stayed focused on the facts, which can be found on www.SmarterGrowthSM.com.

SEPT. 16TH COUNCIL CANDIDATES’ NIGHT WRAP-UP – If you missed the Sept. 16th Candidates’ Night, you can see it at:

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wQY2Bm-POm0XC4xYq6nF1wgpaGrEPsoL/view starting at minute 29:00.

Candidates also answered additional questions after the meeting which can be found on this site at https://beresfordhillsdale.org/?page_id=2165.

GIFT CERTIFICATE WINNERS! Congrats to the following members whose names were drawn for a gift certificate to Velocity Pizza, Chico’s Taqueria, Romolo’s Cannoli, or La Lanterna! We’ll be contacting you for certificate delivery or pick-up! Our winners are: Kathleen W., Don H., Doug V., Douglass W., Marcia M., Bill
W., Peter K., Linda C., Robert S., Jeff W., Justin A., Frank F., William C., Mark W., Ann H., Irene B, Jan L., Marlene T., Jane C., Ellen W., Frances F., Beth K., Kathryn W., Valerie E., and Mike M!


How You Can Make a Difference in 2021!  Our September Zoom Candidates’ Night meeting would not have happened if not for our volunteer Board.  We rely on volunteerism to keep serving our residents.  If you appreciate what we do, you can help in a support role, or as a Board member.  Stop thinking someone else will help when that someone is YOU!  Contact us today at board@bersfordhillsdale.org.


Thanks to SMUHA for Making Our Candidates’ Night a Success!  The BHNA Board worked closely with San Mateo United to bring members an informative Candidates’ Night.  We’d like to thank SMUHA for all their efforts and greatly appreciate the time spent to make the event a great one!  Additionally, we appreciate the participation of the three candidates for City Council, Lisa Diaz Nash, Diane Papan & Amorence Lee.

Council Meetings are Still Only On-Line –  As you know, the the public may not attend Council meetings or other meetings at City Hall in person, so there continue to be a variety of ways to stay plugged in.   Watch meetings LIVE:

  • City Council meetings are broadcast live on Comcast/channel 27, Wave/channel 26, or AT&T/channel 99.
  • For transmission problems during the broadcast, please call (650) 522-7099. For all other broadcast comments, call (650) 522-7040, Monday-Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Submit agenda item comments online using Speak Up San Mateo eComment

  • Find the agenda item(s) you’d like to comment on and complete the survey form. NOTE: Please review the time limits for public comment when writing out your comment.
  • eComment will remain open for Council meetings until the Mayor closes the Public Comment period for that item.
  • The City Clerk will read into the record all comments received through Speak Up San Mateo which will be made part of the permanent official record.
Have You Thought About the Difference YOU Could Make?

Meet your neighbors, have fun, and make positive impacts in our community by becoming a BHNA Board member or supporting the Board for 2021.  Email us today at                    board@beresfordhillsdale.org.  

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